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Routine eye tests and examinations are important even when new glasses are not required.

Parish Opticians provide eye tests

Many eye problems have no symptoms at first, so booking and going to regular eye test appointments means that any problems that might be affecting your eyes can be spotted early and treated before any permanent, long-lasting damage is done.

All our professional staff at Parish Opticians have expertise, experience, advanced equipment and - most importantly of all - TIME. In other words, our optometrists are not only very skilled at what they do, but also very patient - many of our patients have told us that they appreciate not feeling rushed during their eye test appointments.

Parish Opticians has been providing eye tests in Cardiff for over 30 years. As a long-established, independent opticians, we provide a personal, caring service. You can find out more about us here.




Low Vision Service

The optometrists at Parish Opticians are also accredited to provide a low vision service providing those who have poor vision with magnifiers and other visual aids FREE of charge, please ask for more details.




If you live in Cardiff and haven't had an eye test for a while, then do not delay - contact Parish Opticians and book an appointment today.


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