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Introducing our new Optometrist Emma Cooney

Emma studied optometry at Manchester University and then continued with post-graduate training in the management of sudden eye problems, glaucoma and retinal/macula disease. As well as routine appointments, Emma is accredited to provide an emergency service free of charge on the NHS. So, if you experience any sudden symptoms like changes to your vision, floaters or flashes, red, sticky or painful eyes etc, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Myopia management: eye care for children who are short-sighted

Trying to slow down how quickly myopia (short-sightedness) gets worse is called myopia management, or myopia control. A number of treatments have been developed for this, including specially designed contact lenses and glasses, and are increasingly available in the UK. Current evidence suggests that using special contact lenses or glasses may reduce the progression of the level of myopia by 40% to 60%. This reduction is usually seen over one to three years, but most of this effect happens early on during treatment....Read More


Child's eye examination

Watch the Child's eye examination here. Provided by The College of Optometists